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This is a completely technical video, so please go easy on the introduction music!LOL The idea is to demonstrate the use of the THRUST LEVERS along with the A/THR system for a FLEX TO, in another words the NOT use of them since all you do is move forward for takeoff, after initial power reduction you keep them at CLIMB during the entire flight and set it back to IDLE for landing. There is a lots of information coming straight from the aircraft's manual and hopefully it will be useful.
Aircraft Airbus A319
Flight: SBBR to SBTE




A 43 minutes movie showing an entire flight between the two major international airports in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (SBGL-Galeao) Intl and Sao Paulo (SBGR -- Guarulhos) Intl.
You will see everything from the maintenance status check, walk around, flight preparation, take off, climb, cruise and approach procedure, even a TCAS alert over the busiest Terminal Area of the country. All ATC communications in English, due to that the approach briefing were cut out of the movie once airline policy requires that they must be in Portuguese.
The video ends up on a nice landing on RWY09R performed beautifully by the FO even with crosswinds up to 20kts.

Aircraft A320



from user baixadoetravado


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