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19 October 2013

Skyjet charter flight , BAe 146-200 registration RP-C5525 from Manila domestic airport to Balesin airport Polilo Philippines with 75 people on board landed at Balesin airport but overrun the end of runway and stopped just few meters from the sea with nose gear collapsed with ground.Airplane evacuated and nobody injured


The company that operated the Balesin island club Alphaclub chartered the airplane and released a statement saying that airplane overrun the end of runway after landed but nobody injured


Civil Aviation Authority of Philippines(CAAP) reported that the airplane touch down around half way of runway overrun the end and after hit a fence made a 90 degress turn and came to a stop 200 meters far from runway damaged beyond repair


Balestin airport it has runway 1500 m long paved.



First Flight:07-02-1985

Age:28.7 years


photo from instagram from user jackiesese



photo from twitter



photos from instagram the following day





photo from google maps below it is before the renew with runway unpaved


Balesin airstrip


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