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The Ilyushin Il-114 (Russian Илью́шин Ил-114) is a Russian twin-engine turboprop airliner designed for local routes. In the Antonov An-24 class, it first flew in 1990. Altogether, 20 Il-114s have been built.

Il-114-100 of the Uzbekistan Airways in 2008
Role Airliner
National origin Russia
Design group Ilyushin
First flight 29 March 1990
Introduction 1998
Status In production, active service
Primary user Uzbekistan Airways
Ilyushin Design Bureau
Vyborg Airlines (Former)
Number built 20


Il-114 of the Vyborg Airlines, 2007
Il-114-100 at the MAKS Airshow in Moscow, 2007


Operational history

After Vyborg was forced to shut down in July 2010, Uzbekistan Airways remains as the sole operator of the type. As of October 2012 no further orders have been placed for the Ilyushin 114. Uzbekistan Airways currently operates four of their six aircraft of the type, with two being stored in Tashkent.

In winter 2012/2013 the aircraft is scheduled for the following routes:

  • Exclusively for flights between Tashkent and Navoi as well as Termez.
  • Together with the Airbus A320 for flights between Tashkent and Karshi, Bukhara or Urgench.
  • Together with the Avro RJ85 or the Airbus A320 for flights between Tashkent and Nukus.

Though the aircraft is not scheduled for other internal flights, following ad hoc changes it is also (though rarely) flown to other destinations in Uzbekistan. The same applies to international connections: though these are no longer scheduled for the Ilyushin 114, the aircraft is sometimes also used ad hoc on flights between Tashkent and Ashgabad as well as Bishkek. Uzbekistan Airways frequently changes aircraft prior to flights in order to allow for optimal usage of aircraft space in relation to actual demand.


  • Il-114 – The first production model.
  • Il-114-100 – First flown on January 26, 1999 in Tashkent. Two PW-127 by Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprops. 64 passengers.
  • Il-114-120 – Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127Н by turboprops. 64 passengers.
  • Il-114T – Cargo transport version, first flown on September 14, 1996. Delivered to Zhukovski for certification tests in March 2001. Two aircraft have been built by April 2001.
  • Il-114P – Maritime patrol version.
  • Il-114MP – Maritime patrol/strike version.
  • Il-114FK – Military reconnaissance, elint, photo builder or cartographic map version.
  • Il-114PR – SIGINT/AEW
  • Il-140 – AWACS
  • Il-140M – maritime patrol, ecological monitoring, search and rescue.



  • Ilyushin Design Bureau
  • Uzbekistan Airways (6)


  • Vyborg Airlines (2)

Specifications (Il-114)

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Capacity: 64 passengers
Il-114-300: 52 passengers
Il-114T: 76 m3 (2,684 cu ft) cargo hold capacity
  • Length: 26.877 m (88 ft 2 in)
  • Wingspan: 30 m (98 ft 5 in)
  • Height: 8.32 m (27 ft 4 in)
  • Wing area: 81.9 m2 (882 sq ft)
  • Max takeoff weight: 23,500 kg (51,809 lb)
  • Fuel capacity: 8,360 l (1,839 imp gal)
  • Useful load: 6,500 kg (14,330 lb)
Il-114T: 7,000 kg (15,432 lb)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Klimov TV7-117S turboprop engines, 1,900 kW (2,500 hp) each
Il-114-100: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127Н 1,972 kW (2,644 hp) each
Il-114-300: 2 x Klimov TV7-117SM 1,980 kW (2,655 hp) each


  • Cruising speed: 500 km/h (311 mph; 270 kn)
  • Range: 1,000 km (621 mi; 540 nmi) maximum payload
Il-114-100: 1,400 km (870 mi)
Il-114-300: 2,180 km (1,355 mi)
  • Service ceiling: 7,600 m (24,934 ft)


  • On December 5, 1999, a cargo version of the Ilyushin Il-114 suffered a crash during testing at Domodedovo Airport, killing five and injuring two.
  • On July 5, 1993, a test example of Ilyushin Il-114 suffered a crash during testing at Ramenskoye Airport, due to crew error when pre-takeoff engine run-up protocol was not followed and both engines stalled on throttle-back during climbout. 7 of 9 crewmembers were killed.




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