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The Airbus A350 is a long-range commercial passenger aircraft manufactured by Airbus. It is the newest member of the Airbus wide-body family, which also includes the A330 and A340. The A350 is designed to offer improved fuel efficiency, passenger comfort, and operational flexibility.

One of the notable features of the Airbus A350 is its advanced aerodynamics and use of lightweight materials. The aircraft incorporates composite materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, which reduces its weight and increases fuel efficiency. The A350 also features a modern wing design with curved wingtips, known as "sharklets," which improve fuel efficiency and reduce drag.

The A350 is available in three variants: the A350-900, A350-1000, and A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range). The A350-900 can accommodate up to 440 passengers in a typical two-class configuration and has a maximum range of approximately 8,000 nautical miles (14,800 kilometers). The A350-1000 is the larger variant, with a capacity of up to 480 passengers and a maximum range of around 8,700 nautical miles (16,100 kilometers). The A350-900ULR is specifically designed for ultra-long-haul flights and can fly non-stop for up to 9,700 nautical miles (18,000 kilometers).

The A350 is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines, which are known for their fuel efficiency and low noise levels. These engines provide the necessary thrust for the aircraft to take off and maintain its flight. The A350 also incorporates advanced avionics and systems, including fly-by-wire technology, which enhances flight control and safety.

In terms of passenger comfort, the Airbus A350 offers a spacious cabin with larger windows, improved air quality, and reduced noise levels. The aircraft's cabin is designed to enhance passenger well-being during long flights, with features such as mood lighting and lower cabin altitude for reduced fatigue.

The A350 has been well-received by airlines around the world. Its fuel efficiency and range make it suitable for both long-haul and ultra-long-haul routes, connecting passengers to a wide range of destinations. Additionally, its advanced technology and passenger comfort features make it a preferred choice for airlines and passengers alike.

Overall, the Airbus A350 is a state-of-the-art aircraft that combines fuel efficiency, passenger comfort, and operational flexibility. Its advanced design, range, and performance make it a leading choice for airlines looking to enhance their long-haul operations and provide a superior travel experience for passengers.



Cockpit crew Two
Seating 315 (48J+267Y) 369 (54J+315Y) 11
Max limit 440 480  
Cargo capacity 36 LD3 or 11 pallets 44 LD3 or 14 pallets 40 upper deck containers + 30 lower deck LD3
Overall length 66.8 m (219.2 ft) 73.79 m (242.1 ft) 70.8 m (232.2 ft)
Wing 64.75 m (212.43 ft) span, 31.9° sweep
Aspect ratio 9.49 9.03
Wing area 442 m2 (4,760 sq ft) 464.3 m2 (4,998 sq ft)
Overall height 17.05 m (55 ft 11 in) 17.08 m (56 ft 0 in)
Fuselage 5.96 m (19.6 ft) width, 6.09 m (19.98 ft) height
Cabin width 5.61 m (18 ft 5 in), 5.71 m (18 ft 9 in), 9-abreast seat: 18 in (46 cm)
MTOW 283 t (623,908 lb)
ULR: 280 t (620,000 lb)
319 tonnes (703,000 lb)
Max payload 53.3 t (118,000 lb)
45.9–56.4 t (101,300–124,300 lb)
67.3 t (148,000 lb) 111 t (245,000 lb)
Fuel capacity 140.8 m3 (37,200 US gal)
110.5 t (244,000 lb)
ULR: 170 m3 (44,000 US gal)
158.8 m3 (42,000 US gal)
124.65 t (274,800 lb)
OEW 142.4 t (314,000 lb) typical
134.7–145.1 t (297,000–320,000 lb)
155 t (342,000 lb) dry 124.4 t (274,000 lb)
131.7 t (290,000 lb)
MEW 115.7 t (255,075 lb) 129 t (284,000 lb)  
Engines (2×) Rolls-Royce Trent XWB
Max thrust (2x) 84,200 lbf (374.5 kN) 97,000 lbf (431.5 kN)
Cruise speed Mach 0.85 (488 kn; 903 km/h; 561 mph) Typical,
Mach 0.89 (513 kn; 950 km/h; 591 mph) Maximum
Range 8,300 nmi (15,372 km; 9,600 mi) 8,700 nmi (16,100 km; 10,000 mi) 4,700 nmi (8,700 km; 5,400 mi)
Takeoff (MTOW, SL, ISA) 2,600 m (8,500 ft)  
Landing (MLW, SL, ISA) 2,000 m (6,600 ft)    
Service ceiling 43,100 ft (13,100 m) 41,450 ft (12,630 m)  


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