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9 November 2013

Air Canada flight AC-101 , Airbus A321 from Toronto to Vancouver took off from Toronto runway 23 and was in the initial climb when the crew reported a cargo door indication.The crew declared an emergency and diverted back to Toronto for a safe landing on runway 15L


On 2 December 2013 the Canadian TSB reported that the Air Canada Airbus A321 aircraft (C-GJWI, AC 101) was enroute when the flight crew received an ECAM message for an AFT CARGO DOOR unsafe indication. The crew declared a PAN PAN and returned to the departure airport, where an uneventful overweight landing was performed with ARFF standing by. Maintenance replaced the aft cargo door proximity switch 32WV and performed an overweight landing inspection. The aircraft was returned to service.



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First flight:05-2002

Age:11.6 years


Toronto airport




Canadian TSB


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