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21 November 2013

Etihad flight EY-473 , Airbus A330-200 registration A6-EYJ from Brisbane to Singapore with 164 passengers and 11 crew members took off from Brisbane and was in the initial climb when the crew stopped the climb at 5000 feet and called a Mayday because of airspeed instrument failure.After around half an hour the crew diverted back to Brisbane for a safe overweight landing on runway 01

Passengers reported that airplane had aborted a first take off(not clear if aborted during taxi or inside runway) because of a cockpit instrument failure(it's not clear if same problem).After repaired departed again


Airline reported that flight diverted back to Brisbane due to a flight deck instrument failure.The crew followed all the standard procedures declared an emergency and made a precautionary landing


The Australian TSB investigating the incident and requested the black boxes from airplane


On 25 November 2013 the Australian TSB reported that shortly after takeoff, the crew detected the loss of an airspeed indicating system and possible other system failures. The crew declared a MAYDAY. The aircraft subsequently returned to Brisbane and landed safely.
As part of the investigation, the ATSB will interview the flight crew and examine flight recorder data, ATC recordings and aircraft technical records.


The ATSB rated the occurrence as serious incident





First Flight:22-03-2006

Age:7.7 years


Brisbane airport



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