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22 November 2013

Perimeter Aviation flight PAG-909 , Swearingen SA227-AC from Winnipeg to Regina Canada it was on final approach at Regina airport when the crew reported that they were unable to confirm left main gear was down and locked.After several low and overs the crew decided to divert back to Winnipeg.The crew declared an emergency and after several circles airplane landed safely on runway 31.Airplane towed off the runway as a precaution


On 27 November 2013 the Canadian TSB reported that maintenance found left hand(LH) O/B gear down position switch S316 wire #1-20 for terminal 8 at TS304 broken approximately 6 inches from switch, replaced the LH O/B gear position switch, gear swung and taxi test completed. The aircraft returned to service.


On 2 December 2013 the Canadian TSB reported that the Perimeter Aviation SA226-AT, C-GPCL, Flt PAG909 was on approach to CYQR, Regina. The landing gear was selected down. The left main landing gear did not indicate down and locked. The crew performed troubleshooting without success and elected to return to CYWG, Winnipeg. When the aircraft was overhead of Winnipeg the crew communicated with maintenance personnel. The crew declared an emergency and performed circuits to obtain visual indication that the landing gear was down. To preclude engine and propeller damage in the event of a landing gear collapse the crew shut down the left engine. The aircraft landed uneventfully with ARFF responding. The aircraft was towed from the runway. Maintenance personnel replaced the left main gear downlock microswitch.


Winnipeg airport




Canadian TSB


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