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29 November 2013

Regional 1 Airlines flight TSH-441 , de Havilland DHC-8-100 registration C-FRIB from Fort MacKay/ Albian to Edmonton ,Canada it was approaching Edmonton airport when the crew declared an emergency due to smoke in the cockpit.Airplane landed safely on runway 20 with emergency services stand by


The Regional 1 Airlines de Havilland DHC8-102 (C-FRIB) was operating as flight TSH441 from Fort MacKay / Albian, AB (CAL4) to Edmonton International (CYEG). While climbing through 15 000 feet, the crew experienced a vague burning odor in the cockpit followed by a #2 Bleed Air Hot indication cycling on/off. Flight crew completed QRH checklist and selected #2 Bleed Air off. The crew requested FL200 instead of cleared altitude FL240 due to loss of #2 Bleed air. Shortly after leveling at FL200, a #1 Bleed Air Hot indication was noticed cycling. The QRH was again actioned resulting in the shutting off #1 Bleed Air. The flight crew declared an emergency with ATC and a moderate descent to 8000 feet was accomplished due to the loss of pressurization. The Flight Attendant was advised of the situation and instructed to brief passengers. TSH441 landed safely with ARFF on standby. The odor source is suspected to be from deicing fluid in engine intakes from application in Fort MacKay. Maintenance is troubleshooting the bleed air system and will update when complete.



Date of Manufactur:8-1988

Age:25.4 years


Edmonton airport




Canadian TSB


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