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20 November 2013

Air Canada flight AC-109 , Airbus A320 from Toronto to Vancouver it was en route at FL320 and over Moose Jaw when the crew reported an electrical problem , declared an emergency and asked to diverted to Calgary airport.Airplane landed safely at Calgary airport 1 hour after the emergency


On 27 November 2013 the Canadian TSB reported that (C-FFWM) Flight  ACA109 was cruising 80 nm south of Moosejaw, SK (CYMJ). The #1 generator went off-line. The crew actioned the ECAM items and the APU went off-line when selected. Electrical power was being supplied by the #2 generator. The crew elected to divert to CYYC, Calgary and declared Pan Pan. The aircraft landed uneventfully with ARFF in attendance. Maintenance personnel replaced the #1 integrated drive and APU generators.



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First Flight:04-01-1991

Age:22.9 years


Calgary airport




Canadian TSB


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