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19 November 2013

WestJet flight WS-605 , Boeing 737-700 from Ottawa to Calgary it was approaching Calgary airport runway 29 when the crew reported a flaps issue overshoot the runway and after declared an emergency diverted to runway 35L for a safe landing


On 29 November 2013 the Canadian TSB reported that The WestJet Boeing 737-700, C-GWJT, was operating as WJA605 from Ottawa, ON to Calgary, ON. When flaps were selected to 15°, while on approach into Calgary, the flight crew observed that the flaps stopped travelling at the 10° position. A missed approach was conducted, an emergency was declared with ATS and the flight crew ran the Trailing Edge Flap Disagree checklist. When the flight crew attempted to extend the flaps using the alternate switch, the right flap stayed at 10° and the left flap extended to 15°. There were no significant roll issues and an uneventful approach was completed. Maintenance replaced the right hand flap position transmitter (T428) and returned the aircraft to service in accordance with AMM 27-58-01.



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Calgary airport




Canadian TSB


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