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28 November 2013

Ural airlines flight U6-262 , Airbus A320 registration VQ-BLO from Ekaterinburg to Moscow Domodedovo airport with 106 passengers and 8 crew members landed at Domodedovo airport but airplane veered off the runway and the right main gear stuck and sank in the ground causing the right engine to touch the ground.Nobody injured

Airline reported that the cause of excursion it was the strong crosswinds



UUDD 280530Z 24006G13MPS 190V270 5000-SHSN BKN008 BKN020CB M01/M01 Q0992 WS RWY32L 32590393 TEMPO 1500 = SHSN
UUDD 280500Z 24005G10MPS 200V260 1600 SHSN BKN007 BKN020CB M01/M02 Q0993 WS ALL RWY 32,590,393 82,590,195 TEMPO 0700 \ + = SHSN



© Michael Walter


First Flight:04-03-2002

Age:11.7 years


Moscow Domodedovo airport





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