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26 November 2013

Calm Air flight MO-537 , Dornier Do-328 JET 310 registration C-FAPU from Chirchill to Winnipeg Canada it was en route near Thompson when the crew declared an emergency reporting assymetrical flap and/or speed indicator issues.The crew diverted to Thompson airport and landed safely


On 2 December the Canadian TSB reported that the Calm Air Dornier 328-300, C-FAPU, Flt CAV537, was enroute to CYWG, Winnipeg. The crew received a flap fault indication of 32 degrees on the right side and 0 degrees on the left. There was no noticeable bank or yaw. Cabin crew visually inspected the flaps and confirmed that both flaps were at 0 degrees. The crew received a number of other warnings. Maintenance personnel were consulted and the fault appeared to be associated with the Data Acquisition Unit. The crew elected to divert to CYTH, Thompson and an emergency was declared. The aircraft landed uneventfully with ARFF in attendance.



Date of Manufactur:2-2000

Age:13.8 years


Thompson airport




Canadian TSB


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