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4 December 2013

Delta flight DL-415 , Boeing 767-300 registration N182DN from Madrid Barajas airport to New York took off from Madrid airport on runway 36L but burst the right main outboard tyre with debris to hit also the right wing and made a hole.Airplane took off and after stopped the climb declared an emergency and asked to divert back reporting also hydraulic problems.Airplane landed safely on runway 32L but while was taxing to the apron had a taxiway excursion and came to a stop with all wheels on soft ground.Nobody injured.Airplane received substantial damage

Barajas Control tower reported in twitter that airplane suffered a hydraulic problem and had a runway excursion


On 11 December 2013 the Spanish CIAIAC reported that while airplane was taking off from runway 36L burst the right aft tyre and debris hit the right wing causing hydraulic failure that affected also the retract of right main gear.Airplane landed on runway 32L and vacated the runway via the last fast taxiway exit and after that had the taxiway excursion coming in stop with all wheels on ground between runway 32L and terminal T4 with all main wheels flatted.Airplane received substantial damage to the right hand wing to hydraulic system and also on both engines caused by the ingestion of stones during the taxiway excursion


Photo from passenger from twitter showing a panel from right wing missing while on board



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photos from twitter











Madrid Barajas airport



taxiway excursion approximate point



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